Anti-sex trafficking initiatives and programs supporting positive youth-adult bonds receive grants

The Carlson Family Foundation is pleased to announce 2023 grants awarded for:

  • Sex Trafficking Prevention
  • Constellation: K-12 Schools and Parents & Caregivers

Sex Trafficking Prevention seeks to provide youth with quality sex trafficking prevention education in schools, out-of-school programs and at home, and access to culturally responsive, trauma-informed mental health services. Additionally, it gives service providers access to actionable research so they can offer evidence-based prevention services to youth in high-risk situations.

Constellation seeks to surround young people with a constellation of caring adults to help them realize their dreams. Our focus on K-12 Schools expands innovative, evidence-based models that strengthen relationships between students and adults to advance student outcomes. And our Parents & Caregivers focus area supports parenting adults to aid young people’s development in all areas of their lives.

Sex Trafficking Prevention Grants

Ain Dah Yung Center           


Funding supports youth sex trafficking prevention initiatives.

Annex Teen Clinic


Funding supports the Youth Sexual Exploitation Prevention Program.



Funding supports increasing the number of trainers and facilitators delivering Love146’s Not a Number (NAN) human trafficking prevention curriculum in Minnesota.



Funding supports youth mental health and homelessness services.

The Family Partnership


Funding supports expanded services and strategies to prevent sex trafficking and re-victimization for BIPOC, male-identified and LGBTQ+ youth.

University of Minnesota School of Nursing


Funding supports primary prevention research to build a statewide program of action-focused education to close dire gaps in knowledge about youth sexual exploitation.



Funding supports youth seeking services at YouthLink’s Drop-In Center.

Constellation Grants

K-12 Schools

Black Men Teach


Funding supports the recruitment, placement, training and retention of Black male teachers in Twin Cities elementary schools.

Saint Paul Public Schools


Funding supports efforts to dismantle racial bias by improving student-teacher relationships.

World Savvy Inc.


Funding supports the integration of global competence into K-12 teaching, learning and culture in the Twin Cities.

Parents & Caregivers



Funding supports efforts that provide wraparound services and mentoring for parents at risk of out-of-home placement.

St. Paul Promise Neighborhood


Funding supports a place-based initiative that seeks to close opportunity gaps and provide assistance and stability for families in the Frogtown, Rondo and Summit-University neighborhoods.

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